by SURRENDER / 1981

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released June 1, 2011


Recorded in 2008 at House Of Faith in Oakland, CA by Bart Thurber + on January 23rd, 2011 Live at the FBK House in Seattle, WA (SURRENDER Side).
Recorded in February 2011 at French Frei Studios (1981 Side).




stonehengerecords Toulouse, France

DIY Non-Profit Record Label and Mailorder Since 1991.



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Track Name: SURRENDER - Crucified
Out of dry twisted mouths comes the lie
"It's for your own good and that of society"
They say prison is a mercy
If they could see your sisters cry
And know the name crime hides its true face
That your only slip was papers not filed on time
But the world can't stand this kind of aberration
"Why can't we keep these people in their southern nations?"
They say wringing pale weathered hands
Denial of hope makes a better man
And maybe we drove you to this desperation
But we're sure some time in quiet contemplation
Will cure you of your willful spirit
Of your irreverence to the almighty law
Send you to the factory of forced rehabilitation
Chew you up spit you out a proper citizen of this nation
One who can't speak out
One who won't step out of line
One who wastes away their time
Who's given up all hope for a better life
When you're only options are desperate trangressions
Who's fault is it really?

But the problem's so much larger now
The bars, lines on a map
The factory's all around us
So if a nation is a prison then it affects us all

When the've made this life unlivable, then who are the true criminals?

In the name of freedom you wanna build more walls
But when the borders become prison bars then we're all the guards
"Send them back, it's not our problem"
Well, yes it fucking is
Deportation makes more violence
And it's fucking obvious that if you want to throw away the key
Then no one's really free
Open the borders!
Open the gates!
Track Name: SURRENDER - Praise To Capital (Live)
Bright lights and big smiles
Money stacked in big piles
Too bad it doesn't mean a thing
You used to have a family
A wild carefree community
But now they can't afford your shows
Your songs they used to mean something
Your shows were worth remembering
Now memory is the only thing you know
You excuse it all away
Your own ideals to betray
Finding joy in playing the numbers
Not your songs
It's become a job to you
A workweek that you just get through
No passion no purpose and no soul
It's nothing more than business now
From the first chords until you bow
A tribute to the golden bull
A song of praise to capital
An offering to gods insatiable
It's a not that never rings true

But before the final blow-off
Doing nothing, comes the part
Where if someone's gonne suffer
Should you pay them for their art?
Track Name: 1981 - Controlled By The State
Raised in a prison controlled by the state
Working, producing to keep a stalemate
Taught how to grow straight and upright
Taught to be silent, taught to be blind

Controlled by their laws, reinforcement of rules
Where people we hate are merely the tools
Of system controlled by someone high above
We're taught how to hate, we're told what to love

I feel sad for the children who have to be born
Please let them be free, please let them be warm
Please let them be free from this violence and hate
Let them change this system before it's too late
Track Name: 1981 - Silence
After a burst of violence
After the hate you feel no more
Unconscious, lying on the floor

Black eye, teeth kicked in
He knew this day would come
He wasn't deaf, he wasn't dumb

What's with all this mindless violence?
Does action speak louder than silence?
Fear breeds hate creating violence
Look at yourself in sound of silence