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released December 2, 2011


Order it direct here: stonehengerecords.com/mailorder/Search.php?Commander=0&selectpage=1&search=stone047

Recorded and mixed between March 2008 and June 2010 in Saint-Avit and Bordeaux by Stéphane Torre-Trueba.


all rights reserved



stonehengerecords Toulouse, France

DIY Non-Profit Record Label and Mailorder Since 1991.



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Track Name: Le Meilleur D'entre Nous
La rénovation des quais et son putain de tramway
Ont transformé nos quartiers en monopoly pour friqué(e)s
Paradis pour agents immobiliers et leurs larbins d'incité
Dans la ville musée on nettoie la mendicité
Les pauvres font leurs valises alors qu'il offre une église au fan club de Pétain

Délinquant(e)s en costard
Le meilleur parmi vous c'est "le meilleur d'entre nous"
Même mouillé(e)s jusqu'au cou
Le meilleur parmi vous c'est "le meilleur d'entre nous"
Technocrates arrogant(e)s
Le meilleur parmi vous c'est "le meilleur d'entre nous"
Toujours droit(e)s dans vos bottes
Le meilleur parmi vous c'est "le meilleur d'entre nous"

Urbanisme pompier, évènementiel chic
Des tonnes de subventions à des projets démagos
Écologiste de façade, arrogant et cynique
Le meilleur d'entre nous c'est Chirac en province...
En pire !
Track Name: I Quit
Today I decided to quit my job
Due to the thousand mistake I made
This is my last day, I'm fucking gone
Fuck you boss for everything
I'll keep my time, I want some fun
I refuse to deal with shitheads anymore
Today I told I quit my job
I'm done!
That was the last time I made that mistake
I'm gone!
I want free time, I need some fun
I'm not gonna deal with those shitheads anymore
Track Name: Late
I thought I could be on time
I thought I could ride faster
Sorry I'm late
I thought I could cross the city
Within a couple of seconds
Sorry I'm late
My bus caught fire, got a flat tyre
And I didn't wake up
Sorry I'm late
Always late - race against time
Always late - I'm always late
Always late - slave to the clock
Always late - I'm always late
Sorry, I'm always late
Please wait for me
I swear I will be on time
... well, hopefully next time!
Track Name: Nuclear Accident For Dummies
The bell is ringing, take your iodine pills
Seal your door and all your windows quickly
Turn the TV on, wait for instructions
Now bury your head in the sand
Experts have built thousand of those plants
Stock tons of waste, then tell you it's green
Carbon free energy, it can't be wrong
When all is fucked, there'll be...
Nowhere to run - our way of life is not negociable
Nowhere to hide - can't avoid some sacrifice
Nowhere to run - this may hurt a little
Nowhere to hide - ever wish you were a mutant?
Track Name: Pizza Boxes & Duct Tape
Let the noise of rusty strings distort the town
And a sloppy drumbeat rise over the garbage of the music industry
No need for cash, and no shit pride
Play fast on pizza boxes and thrash it all
No need to own a drumkit
To start your own hardcore band
Play fast on pizza boxes
Let that frantic beat shake your bones
Pizza boxes and duct tape
Beat the shit out of this cardboard box
We will thrash on about anything
Let there be punk! No fancy gear
We will thrash on about anything
Track Name: Real Estate Violence Real Estate Control
Here they come with their trust funds
Getting their grubby hands on every block
Gentrifying the neighbourhood
Turning old folk's land in a golden mess
What do they build? A wasteland
Why are they here? To make cash
May your new fortress be built upon
The remains of your greedy bones
I hope you choke on your money
And rot in your concrete grave
Get lost!
Track Name: Waste No More
We've been raised on wasting
Something's broken? Don't fix it!
Better buy a new one
It's handier to throw away

We'be been raised on buying
We need new junk all the time!
The earth is a trashcan
Who cares, we're all gonna die

Waste, waste, waste - don't waste no more
Build up stuff and recycle
Dump, dump, dump - don't dump no more
Waste no more

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