Ordinary Violence


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released October 5, 2016


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Recorded January/February 2016 by Bastien Lafaye.




stonehengerecords Toulouse, France

DIY Non-Profit Record Label and Mailorder Since 1991.



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Track Name: Initiation
A conversation with Angela Davis : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IShOJr4EH8&feature=youtu.be
Track Name: Emancipation
Words can veil the sunshine
Life means nothing in face of death
Only absence - Numb to feelings

It’s so hard to deal with
Words still cast a shadow over hope
Face the pain - Storm in my brain

Eyes don't lie
Let me cry, let me scream

All I need is to escape
Let me go. Dark and deep wounds, for an endless path
Let me live again - Nothing lasts forever
Time passed, I can feel this freedom, a weight without oppression

Your absence is tearing me to pieces but your memory is engraved in my soul
The river is running, I’m trying to cross
The river is running dry, I'm ready to cross
Track Name: State Of Oppression
First-strike attack / Patriotic impulse
Don't pretend to mourn the dead. I refuse to.
Against organized suicide the blind have signed for.
Die on the battleground: a republican duty.

Shooting aimless bullets.
Honor and tradition to save democracy. The metastasis that is this slavery
Proud to serve your homeland. Taste of blood in the sand.

Second strike - long and slow resonances of the nails on their deathbed.
Human tragedy - killing me softly - off with their heads

Honor your dead - dishonor the living

Arm their “third-world”, controlled by blood.
Brand new day – Brand new enemy
Corrupt pieces of shit fueling the terror machine
Silence in the ranks, empty boots beating the path.
This is a state of oppression
Track Name: Overshoot
Toxic hypocrites
Hunting the Earth like criminals
God complex blinds your sight
No love – No justice
Our fate - your game
My hopes - your death

Earth is burning, slowly dying
Mankind is watching, quietly dying

From large scale deforestation to oil spills
Ask your children how they feel
No need for guilt, society condemns you
All that we built can be reduced to dust
Don't be stunned if they push you further
You need more, you'll never settle the score

I’ll never feel ashamed to stand against your secular torture
Earth’s getting rid of its parasites

Mankind fears the unpredictable
Lost in its own denial
You break it - Own up to it
But we don't give a shit

Schizophrenic politicians
The greedy scum needs to be destroyed

Earth is burning - slowly dying
Prometheus must die
Track Name: Legacy
Modern genocide is wearing another face; it differs in nature.
Who deserves to live or die? Between love and torture.
Your food is an accumulation of violence, and reeks of death

Just blood in your mouth. Human failure.
The spread of cruelty.

How many throats ripped out? How many skulls crushed on the ground?

Dried blood spots mark the fate of their certain death.
One by one through the eyes of the scavenger.
One by one by the bloody hand of the carnist

Don't try to deny, don't try to justify
Accomplice of defect
Tradition doesn't make it right, that's not a legacy
As racism must be eradicated, let this suffering end
As tradition dies slowly, innocents will be free
Another voice of the voiceless raging against the disinterest

There is another way, it's a matter of choice
Track Name: Mari Chi Weu
Avidez y orgullo occidental exterminan sus esperanzas
Encontrar un sitio o morir en el olvido
La sociedad moderna ahogada en sus ilusiones
La vergüenza les acosa - niegan sus crímenes
El fondo se pudre - la forma domina
Tradición indígena como una molestia a erradicar
Arrancan raíces sin remordimiento
Queman tu cultura - se quemarán de tu rabia

¡Crimen - Sangre - Les asesinan!

La espera asesina
Venganzas pasadas y cólera incumplida
Acabaran todos enterrados vivos Más vale irse la cabeza baja que los pies delante
Esta sociedad quemara
Track Name: Unlearn
Fuck your double standard
Frailty and strength, rooted definitions of discrimination
Defined by what’s between our legs, reduced to body and flesh

Gender is power, controlled and belittled
Shift is progress. Your traditions need to be put to rest

Why was I taught that I was the one?
When one is not born a woman, but becomes one
One is not born a chauvinist pig; I'd rather be dead than be one of them

I wouldn’t dare to walk in those shoes
If these are your standards.
I am not a man and I’m nothing like you.

We’ve been fed this narrative for far too long
And I’m sick of playing this game.

Let's try to change the world for those who refuse to
We’re going to change this world no matter what they want

Blinded by crosses and dollar signs
If I despise what they’re selling
Then why the fuck am I buying it?

Pre-defined gender for a pre-defined life
We need to deprogram ourselves

Unlearn / For Equality
Unlearn / For Justice
Learn / To take a step back
Track Name: From The T-4
May this cold wind never blow again
The past is shining through generations

She escaped, he did not
Another so-called "unworthy of life"
Survivor of the Final Solution
Looking at the victims’ shadows engraved in stone
A never-ending last cry for the gone

Itinerary in the darkness
Crushed, packed and terrified
Thuds and cold. Bleeding hands. Obscure feeling of death
The opening of train doors and shattered hopes
The human tragedy at its worst

Holocaust denial, blinded by ashes falling
Nostalgic of the T-4. Murderers of the truth
Waiting for another chance. Hate-mongers, let them burn.
"Chosen people" watch your back
From the darkness of the past

Persecution from first to last
It takes generations to heal
But how can your bruises legitimate your beatings?
Track Name: T.I.N.A.
You’re told that your life has no limits, a liberal and liberated being. Free market, free speech, free life. Limits of our freedom stops where their interests are threatened
Always searching for an escape. What they call free trade and liberty, I call it attempted murder and climate of impunity.

Leaders are all dressed in the uniforms of normality. Fanning the flame of brutality.
The deadly dance of harmonization will burn our cultural diversity to the ground.

They build our beliefs, maintaining a dark veil

Limits of our world are the limits of our own fear
Their words eat the world. Hell makes the connection
We are the profane choked, strangled by their esotericism
Born with no rights, suffocating all our life

There is more than meets the eye
Find a cure, we’ll burn by their lies
Our blood is contaminated

We're born equal and free, bowed down and on our knees

I will never be part of it
They will not obtain my silent, obedient consent

Smash their greed, smash their power