No Love Lost


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released April 1, 2011


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Recorded October, 2010.




stonehengerecords Toulouse, France

DIY Non-Profit Record Label and Mailorder Since 1991.

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Track Name: I Wish
You're as far from me as I am from you
My love, I'm so sorry for everything
that we've been through
I wish I knew what I should do

Is it too late to say I'm so sorry
for things that I've done
So desperate, so lost, I'm too tired to move on
This emptyness feels so sick it's so hard to explain
I was hoping that I never had to go through it again
Track Name: Please Don't Stop
Hatred in the hearts of everyone
We used to be free
We used to be young
Now the times have changed
And the feeling has gone

It's been so long since I had my say
I had to change
Find another way
As the time runs fast
Like an engine of a train

I can't keep up
If we must go forward
Yet please don't stop
Track Name: Wasted
I had forgotten
How much I hate it
Being lied to
Cheated and misled

When the lights go down
I'm the broken one
I don't know what I want
So I'll get wasted
Track Name: Lost And Tired
Please be my guide
Can you really help now?
Once again I'm lost and tired
And I'm feeling hurt somehow

Could you tell me something
That I don't know?
Can you sho me a way to go?

After all I've done to improve myself
There's still much that I need to know

I kind of know what I am
Though I try to hide it from you
I keep doing the best I can
And I'll always be true to you
Track Name: Sinking
I'll get by as the time goes by
Though I refuse to listen
Solutions that you have in your mind
I keep resisting

So this is how it feels
When love drifts away
I was hoping this time
It would be here to stay

This is not about us
It's about something different
It's about what I have inside
Though it shouldn't be there

So this is the way it feels
When love fades and drifts away
Please give me something to wait for
Is there something more that you could say?

I've been thinking of going away
I've been thinking of going away
I've been thinking of going away
But you've been too good of a reason for me to stay
Track Name: What Do I Want?
So many things
I've learned about you
By being with you
Spending my time with you
Sometimes I wish I'd know as much about myself
What do I love?
What do I want?

So many secrets
I know about myself
Things that I've done
But with I hadn't done
I'm trying hard but can not hide myself from me
I can see many things that others never see
In me
Track Name: If It's My Time To Go
We walk ahead in fear of death
Won't give in cos we're still young
Our future's filled with hopelessness
And there's nothing much that can be done

Powered by our fragile love
We stumble through our days
Death is the only thing we fear
It's the only thing to part our ways

If it's my time to go
I'm not afraid to die
I'm afraid of leaving you alone
Afraid of leaving you behind

I hate the way this world has turned
I won't let it ruin my days
We'll have all the fun
That can be done
Together we'll find our ways
Track Name: Willing To Wait
It's hard to understand
I can't
Sometimes I can't

I can't believe the things
That you're saying
Your mind seems to be sailing
On and on

I keep waiting for the day you'll change
I've had enough of your selfish ways
I've got time and I'm willing to wait
Track Name: What Is It That You Want Me To Say
You're looking out of the window
I'm staring at the wall
The fields you see have turned grey
Our summer has turned to fall

What is it that you want me to say?
Or do you think we're better off this way?

What is there to keep us warm now?
Who will chase our fears away?
Haunted by this endless silence
Please tell me we'll be ok
Track Name: All The Explanations
I'm gonna look at you
While you get me wrong
I'm gonna watch you
And see if you've got
What it takes to hold on

All the explanations
That won't explain a thing
Words that we can not use
Songs that we can't sing
I just picked the wrong words
There was nothing else left to say
I'll get them right next time
We can make it all ok