More Than Music, Volume 1

by V/A

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released May 1, 2009


Recorded in February 2006 at The Dustward (ABDUCTEE S.D.).
Recorded in February 2006 by Barry Crowley (EASPA MEASA).
Recorded on 22 October 2005 in Seinäjoki (JUGGLING JUGULARS).
Recorded in August 2006 at Ungdomshuset (THE ASSASSINATORS).
Recorded in April/May 2006 at Out-O-Space by Tom (SIX YEAR PLAN).
Recorded in February 2006 at Brainmachine Studios, Austin, TX, by Stan Wright (SIGNAL LOST).
Recorded 2004 at Monotone Estudios, Zaragoza.




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Track Name: BALLAST - Ruins Of The Day
Look all around
Can't let it get me down
Patronizing glare from you
Call me little girl and tell me I should move
Catching on quickly that there will not be
an equal ground for you and me to stand on
Situation is tricky
Too complex to deconstruct but I'm sick
of forgiving people who I don't give a fuck about
Hate is inflicted by your tainted sneer
cause each person is influenced even if I'm being strong
For just one second I felt disrespected
by someone I don't want to trust but they ruin my day
One day you'll understand that when you need me
I won't be there to share your misery
Don't turn your back on your little girl
See your mindset is to serve and reject
When you're too busy to think of your regrets
Revenge is too easy
A reaction that you seek
I'll save my time for people who still
give a fuck about change in this world
Voices to be heard
To people I disown
I'm better off alone
For just one second I felt disrespected
but you won't be someone to ruin my day
Track Name: ABDUCTEE S.D. - This Is War
Violence is silenced but here story persists
An undertone of truth in a din of apology
Silence is screaming, this is war

Strain to destroy and take head
Each story a voice, whispers will be amplified
Silence is screaming, this is war

Confront abuse
Demand the truth

Rapists where we play
Beatings where we stay
No one asks, so no one tells
Someone asks, still most don't tell
Herstory hushed by the claps on backs
Of all the "good punk rock men"

We don't care what he's done for the scene
This is war
Your remorse is unacceptable
This is war
Silence is screaming
This is war
Silence is screaming
This is war

Confront abuse
Demand the truth
Track Name: EASPA MEASA - Mantle
The rise of the cult of a dead man on a cross
All other beliefs most be crushed
All other people succumb
Negated: the balance of
earth, seasons, life
Forgotten: the wisdom of the earth

A war against women
Whose power was feared
Women with knowledge
Who challenged the norm
Instinct of survival ensured their allegiance
Accept the man god, male hierarchy

Inherent female inferiority
And what this does to your heart?
And what this does to your soul?
And what this does to your mind?
Unquestioned male superiority

Millions of women burned and I burn inside
Lost lives, lost knowledge, this fucked up rape culture
Taught hate and self-hate, uprooted no connection
I am a vessel, hidden, silent, tamed
Filthy still filthy - my body brings shame
Cycles sea deep and moon high sanitised
Ignorant and weak condemned in their eyes

A war against women whose power was feared
Women with knowledge who challenged the norm
This ancient mantle of shame, we've carried for centuries
Cannot be lifted at your bethest
You cannot free me, I free myself
Macha, Morrigan, Brigid, Danu, Fotla, Flidais, Scathath, Eriu
Track Name: JUGGLING JUGULARS - Colleage Inferior
Adapting hard values and playing their game
she might achieve the position but never be the same
Boys' meetings after work - sports and bars
Secret conversations you haven't heard of
Time and time again we prove we are men,
leave our territorial marks in the sand,
where nothing grows again
History's been repeating mistakes, not achievements!
Track Name: THE ASSASSINATORS - Fordi Vi Er Det Vaerd
Jeg ser kvinder i reklamer
Der smiler hver og en
De har blanke dukkeøjne
De er kun skind og ben
De har noget de vil sælge mig
Jeg ved godt hvad det et :
Drømmen om et liv
Uden bumser, uden deller
Uden hår på benene
Du får aldrig nogen venner
Hvis du er et menneske
Og du bliver ikke samlet op
Af prinsen på den hvide hest
Til den næste fest

I nat banker eventyret på
Vi er som vi er
Slukker deres overfladeliv
Fordi vi et det værd

Vi er mere værd end løgnene
Det gælder dig og mig
Du skal ikke være bange
For at gå din egen vej
Eventyret ender ikke
Det er først lige begyndt
Nu kan alting ske

I nat banker eventyret på...


I see women in commercials
They all smile with doll's eyes
Nothing but flesh and bones
Something for sale
And I know what it is:
The dream of a life without imperfections
'Cause you don't get friends if you're human
You're not picked up by the prince on his white horse

Tonight adventure comes knocking
We are as we are
Turn of their surface life
Because we're worth it

Worth more than their lies
Both you and I
Never fear to choose your own path
This isn't the end
We've only just begun
Now anything can happen

Tonight adventure comes knocking...
Track Name: SIX YEAR PLAN - Meteros In Pastel
The rocket in my head sets kerosene tracks
I see changing sceneries switching with every finger snap
My head is way too narrow for every single thought and image
My head is way too narrow, it touches my heart - my heart and mind
I don't say this to expose myself to you
It's more of an urgent plan
I don't say this to expose myself to you
It's a desire to share with you
And once you open the narrow gates
I will explode like a giant peach
This will be a meteor - a peachy meteor
Spilling over a narrow world
Too small to grasp some incidents
Too big to give shelter to girl's vengeance
Cosy sheets, velvet blankets
I don't trust them a thing!
Cosy sheets, velvet blankets
Yeah, when he calls me
Yeah, when he calls me after breakfast
The honey taste reminds me of millions of wasp stings
Yeah, when he calls me
Yeah, when he calls
The meteor grows like a seed
So believe me, one day, my love,
It will splash right into your face
It will splash right into your face
And you, my love, you will drop dead
Track Name: LA FRACTION - Double Dare Ya (Bikini Kill Cover)
Hey girlfriend
I got a proposition
Goes something like this
Dare ya to do what you want
Dare ya to be who you will
Dare ya to cry right out loud
You get so emotional baby

Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya
Girl fucking friend
I double dare ya
I triple dare ya
Double triple fuckin' dipple fuckin' dare ya

Don't you talk out of line
Don't go speaking out of your turn
Gotta listen to what the man says
Time to make his stomach burn

Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya
Girl fucking friend...

You're a big girl now
You've got no reason not to fight
You've got to know what they are
So you can stand up for your rights
Rights, rights, rights?
You have them, you know
Track Name: NO REST - Promessa
Você não vai ser poupada
E você vai se acostumar com humilhação
Entre flores algunas vezes como prêmio por te calares
Aquela proteção que dizem você merece receber
Faz parte do conceito de que você não é capaz,
Não deve agir
Você receba ! Você espere ! Você se submeta !
Seu valor é tabelado, é comparado a mercadorias
Sinto lhe dizer qur você não vale muito.
Você não vale nade.
E o que você recebe ?
E o que você espera ?
E a quem você se submete ?
Seu nome nunca foi sue
Sua vontade nunca foi sua
Seu comportamento uma ideia que venderam
É triste assim, é grave assim, é real assim
Você não vai ser poupada
Nada é tão certo quanto isso
A tua própria realidade
Onde justiça e respeito não fazem parte
Sendo essa luta seu bem mais precioso e sincero
E a promessa de uma situação melhor para as que virão


You won't be spared
And you will get used to humiliation
Flowers sometimes as a prize for keeping your mouth shut
The protection they say you deserve
Makes part of the conceipt that you're not capable
You musn't act
Receive! Wait! Submit yourself!
Your value is tabulated, compared to goods
I'm afraid to say you are not worth much
You're worth nothin
And what do you receive?
What do you expect?
To who do you submit yourself?
Your name was never yours
Your will was never yours
Your behavior is a sold idea
It's serious so, it's sad so, it's real so
You won't be spared
Nothing is so real as that
Your own reality
Lack of respect and justice
The struggle becomes your most precious and sincere wealth
And a promise of a better situation for those to come
Track Name: SIGNAL LOST - Blurred Vision
Blurry vision walking down the street
Tripping over my own two feet
Words and phrashes pass through my ears
But nothing explains this fucking tears
Puzzle pieces inside my head
I can't put them together
Puzzle pieces running down my neck
I can't put them back in the box again
I can not see clearly
I feel I'm disappearing
No worries, no mirrors
I can not see so clearly
I feel I'm disappearing
Track Name: SANGRE - Your Turn Next
Sexist male domination is ruling the fucking norm
Why should you talk to girls when you could be watching porn?
Temporary stupidicty but it's only for a while
A lack of blood inside your brain when your dick goes Sieg heil

She could be your mother, your sister or your daughter
What means a woman to you? You don't even bother
Except that you think of her just as a lust object
Who is here to tease and please but there is more than sex

She's more than the vagina that pops up in your mind
It's so easy to imagine why she's so pissed off about your kind
Sexist domination, it's time to break the walls
If you can't share your power then please cut off your balls

If you force a girl to have unwanted sex
I hope she comes back to break both your legs
Payback time... Your turn next!
Track Name: SCHIFOSI - Ebb And Tide
Sitting in stillness
All is time in my mind
Becoming ceaseless
Too close to decline
Lost in this time together
This time alone
Swallow myself whole
It all adds up
The fear grips hard
And unravels in my hands
Sinking, sliding from my knees
This animity: with it
Comes a sickness
From stillness
Festering in the past
Product of thought
Wanders in time
Tide of absence does ebb
And my sense of urgency returns
Track Name: CRIATURA - La Marca
Encontrarte un no... ¿ Cuál es mi posición ? Que no...
No es fácil soltar la marca de años atrás, te hace diferenciar
Me olivdo del error ¿ Qué pasó ? ¿ Qué pasó ?
Lo hiciste... Ayer fue sin querer cuando pensaste si ella o él...
Y bien : ¿ Tienes tú la culpa, cómo nos afect ?
Competición genérica absurda, que nos estorba en la evolución
No más, no hay que aceptarla
Haz más esfuerzo en cambiarla por ti
El mundo por la mitad, separar más y más, ¿ Cuanto ha de durar la lacra ?
Tan necesario es cambiar ! Ya no estás a gusto
Ya no quiero estar de acuerdo, reducirlo sólo a un recuerdo
Culpar, apartar, recuerdo, recuerdo, recuerdo


I find no as an answer. How should I act now?
It's not easy to get rid of such old scars, it makes you distinguish
I forget my faults. What happened? What's up?
You did it, you thought about her or him and you didn't want to
Is that your fault? How does it affect us?
Absurd gender competition that bothers our evolution
I won't accept it anymore
Make some efforts to change it by yourself
World is divided in two parts, we separate them more and more
How much will this last?
It is so necessary to change, you're not feeling well anymore
I don't want to agree anymore, I'll reduce it to memory
I remember to blame and separate, I remember