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released April 1, 2015


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Recorded, mixed & mastered 11/2014 & 01/2015 at Fantom Studio by Samu Oittinen.




stonehengerecords Toulouse, France

DIY Non-Profit Record Label and Mailorder Since 1991.

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Track Name: Isän Rakkaus
Religions, traditions - here´s the line:
keep your filth away from human rights!

Menomatka tuntemattomaan. Äkkilähtö uuteen maahan
Matka, jolta ei oo paluuta, Kukaan ei jää kaipaamaan
Kaikki tapahtuu vain rahasta. Avioliitto ilman oikeutusta
Sun täytyy olla rohkea. Tääkö on isä, rakkautta? isän rakkautta ?

Lusikka pikkuhousuissa, turvatarkastus keino paeta.
Uusi päivä on taas huomenna, pieni askel kohti vapautta
Track Name: Price Tag
Every politician has a price tag
Every cop has a price tag
Every businessman has a price tag
Every leader has a price tag

That´s why it feels so good to know
that something is not available
for any money in this world
This revolution is not for sale!

Every animal has a price tag
Every tree has a price tag
Every drop has a price tag
Every breath has a price tag

That´s why we fight this war
can´t stand this madness anymore
It is an attempt to ruin their hegemony
attempt to ruin this capitalist supremacy

Refuse to be for sale
Refuse to carry a price tag
Refuse to set a price tag
Refuse to be a slave
Track Name: Survive
Total destruction is waiting for human kind?
You say fuck it all, if there is no future in sight
Do what the fuck you want, but you must also live with that!
We have faceless enemies but we know where we fucking stand:

I choose liberty, I choose equality,
I choose humanity and I will fucking survive!

I see how people are looking for easy solutions
I see how people have being blamed for their existence
Fighting each other and don´t see who pulls the strings?
Listen up, someone´s laughing all the way to the bank...

It is cool to be in a winner´s team?
It is cool to laugh at the poor?
It is cool how things are?
It is cool to get it all?
This stupid mob will one day knock at your door,
this stupid mob will one day share back it all!
Track Name: Regression
What happens in isolation - degeneration, infection?
What happens in a generation - in isolation, regression?
Should we go forward or settle down doomed,
not swing back and worth like a pendulum?
Your asylum is a cage
Track Name: Disgrace
You call it disgrace when people demonstrate
You call it disgrace but who needs your guidance?
I have had this shit up til my neck
It is going to kicked fuck out of here

I won't tolerate your fascist pride
I won't tolerate racists beating anyone
I won't tolerate any homophobes
I won't tolerate someone twisting our needs
Track Name: Rip-Off
So what now? We didn´t get over it
"Never again! No pasaran!" we will shout now louder

Businessmen bought what the comrades were selling,
these new millionaires abandoned their nations

It is not freedom to have "nothing left to lose"
now people just want back their robbed dignity

Look what we have done; this monster is awake!
Never just say "never again". Fight back and take a stand!

I don´t have to choose I know where I stand
Don´t have to choose - I clench my fist and raise my hand!

Is it time to say goodbye, to our safe european home?
We have been far too long run by the fucking businessmen